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Our Commercial Projects

Here are a few of the projects we had the pleasure of being part of. Some may have only been partly and others where we were given the full contract. 

Clark Agri Service Waterford

With normal wear and tear and exposure to the environment, equipment does show age before it actually is old. With a blast and coating using epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat Pdblasting helped Clark Agri Service restore their Tenders. Working on them when they were off season made it convenient for the client to get them done. 

May 2021

Client: Clark Agri Service Waterford.

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer


Emco Building London

When vision meets reality, the reality formed after the vision. Steven Cooper and his partner Phil Sharron found spot to call the home of Matter Architecture Inc. They transformed this floor completely as seen on the pictures. We are very excited to have been part of this transformation in the early stages making the Matter office truly a piece of art. 

Dec 2019

Client: E & E McLaughlin Ltd. Tillsonburg

Contractor: Matter Architecture Inc. London

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer

Truck Weight Scales

Truck weight scales in any location receive harsh treatment from the constant tires rolling on them, bringing gravel and road salt with them. Clark Agri Service had a scale in their grading facility which needed this done to ensure its life. Our team came in when they were off duty and both blasted then coated them. Using the best epoxy available to prime and coat will give this scale the protection it needs for years to come. 

Sept 2022

Client: Clark Agri Service Waterford.

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer


Commercial Trucks

We working with our friends at Mobile fleet Service and helped them with some of their trucks with blasting and painting. From start to finish, we showed up on-site to blasting and paint in the clients yard. This saved the client from having transportation costs and other which are part of dropping it off for blasting and coating. 

Sept 2022

Client: Oxford Mobile Fleet Service Inc. Tilsonburg 

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd.


Brooks-Signs Brantford

These signs were part of a project we did in a row in Southern Ontario for Brooks-Signs. There was failing paint and corrosion which needed to be fixed before it would get worse. This project included some in major mall locations and gas stations in south Ontario. 

November 2020

Contractor: Brooks-Signs Brantford 

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd Aylmer

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