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Blasting & Painting Contracting

Are you looking for the option to contract the whole project from start to finish? Let Pdblasting help you with this as we have done for the projects below and many more. 

We Serve in your Industry

Whether you need it in the industrial, commercial or residential location, we can serve you there as we have done for so many. Working closely with project managers to home owners, Pdblasting serves all markets according to their own needs. 

Blasting/Painting Contracting


Serving the industrial with both the blasting and painting contracting allows us to take on the whole coating aspect so that you can be confident of the coating applied. Pdblasting is also often called to contract only the blasting where a contracting firm in a project will have their own painting crew, if you need this let our office know hoe we can help with the blasting only. 


Pdblasting Ltd. is frequently being called in during nights and plant shutdowns to refinish steel with both the blasting and painting service. The value of maintaining a plant can go as far as preventing issues with paint/rust falling into the food processing line. Call in the maintenance crew before there are longterm issues from failing paint, its a short term cost but a longterm save in many ways. 


Even when it comes to working with the home owner on their personal home, Pdblasting Ltd. has successfully helped many clients improve their assets and property. If you only need the paint removed so you can repaint it, we can help you with that too. Our priority to lies with you receiving the best solution for restoring your projects in the best way possible. 


Often with high standards and requirements come high maintenance needs, the only way the amazing institutions in our area look so good is because they care about maintaining their facilities. If you are in need of refinishing your facility or you are a contractor looking for help in this area, let us help you solve the problem and keep our local institutional facilities looking amazing! 

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