Vapour blasting in Southern Ontario with crushed glass


Vapour blasting works by mixing water and abrasive together instead of just the abrasive. By introducing water to the blasting procedure, the 'dust' particles created from the abrasive hitting the surface are weighed down and keeps it on the ground instead of in the open air.

This service is most often chosen for areas where a large amount of dust is undesirable. For example, removing paint from bricks/wood inside a building or outside in a public area where dust can create problems. 

When this service is required for blasting steel, we add a specially formulated rust inhibitor that can prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours in *perfect conditions. After the steel has been vapour blasted and dried, the surface is ready for paint. 



Sometimes the traditional way of blasting is more convenient and more applicable in certain jobs as you are able to get it coated immediately after blasting. Also something to keep in mind is that dry abrasive blasting can save time because the cleanup can often be quicker than other methods.

Our team uses proper equipment and personal protective gear to best optimize speed and quality output. They are experienced to get the job done right and professionally none the less. 

Industrial and commercial sandblasting in London ON

Specialty Blasting Services

Walnut shells Blasting

Log homes is a big market that requires maintenance with time, and with blasting there are many benefits. You can save yourself and your clients plenty time when having it blasted to remove the old stain. 

There are many other uses for blasting walnut. It's a soft and biodegradable abrasive making it an option in many residential and commercial projects.

Call our team if you need walnut blasting in your project. 

Log homes blasting stain removal in London Ontario Canada

Soda Blasting

This service is often chosen for the benefits that it brings to the table. Not only does it clean and restore surfaces, it will also neutralize smoke odour in fire damaged surfaces. 

Soda is also super clean and environmentally friendly. It is made from sodium bicarbonate. This makes it a safe choice for restoring any surface that needs a facelift or full restore. 

Because it is one of the softest abrasives, it will not damage the surface being restored. Fun fact, soda blasting will not etch glass.

Soot removal with soda blasting in London Ontario Canada

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass beads is mostly chosen to blast stainless steel because it leaves a beautiful even sheen, often on items that will be on display in public view. 

Our machine is completely cleaned from any other abrasives before adding new, clean glass bead to prevent contamination of any kind. 

glass bead blasting stainless steel in London Ontario Canada


Aviation plane blasting In London Ontario


Glass etching in Ontario Canada








Our team is equipped with the latest protective and safety equipment to keep our guys safe while increasing quality and productivity.