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Industrial Storage

Our Industrial Projects

Here are a few of the projects we had the pleasure of being part of. Some may have only been partly and others where we were given the full contract. 

Sylvite in Putnam

HD Painting called our team out help them with their project and complete the blasting according to SPC specs of the drawings. Working closely with HD Paintings as they painted each day after our blasting, it was a three week process.

July 2019

Contractor: Reid & Deleye Contractors Tilsonburg 

Subcontractor: HD Paintings Ltd. St Thomas

Grain Bins Windsor

When major flakes were coming off from the grain bins on his storage and drying plant, our client called us to discuss two options. One to remove the paint and two was to remove and repaint. Once the paint was removed by soda blasting, we found the steel to be in good condition and the decision was made to remove and leave as is. We will work with you to get what you need to save you time and money.  

June 2021

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer


Green Theory Tillsonburg

Before a new coating could be applied to the steel siding, it needed a profile and a clean. Using a harder abrasive Pdblasting was able to ensure the are received less dust during the process. HD Painting came in after to coat it and make sure it was sealed completely. 

Aug 2021

Contractor: Reid & Deleye Contractors Tilsonburg 

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer

GSI Bins Aylmer

The issue here was that the coating on the inside was starting to decay and had damaged the protective coating. Pdblasting was called in to both blast and paint the interior of the tank to avoid farther damage to the steel lining. The concern was to make sure the coating that was used would be food safe as well. 

Sept 2021

Contractor: Pdblasting Ltd.  Aylmer 


Nortera Foods Ingersoll 

Pdblasting was called in to this facility to manage the refreshing of the coating while the upgrades were happening, Working during the night allowed other trades to work during the day as well. 

Feb 2023

Contractor: Pdblasting Ltd. Aylmer


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