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Our Institutional Projects

We enjoy giving the best service possible to the institutions that serve community at large. Working closely with maintenance managers to organize and restore the value in these assets and equipment.

Concrete Columns London

From time to time changes are made to keep up with changing styles and models. In this case the change came from painted concrete columns to exposed concrete columns, showing the concretes natural beauty. More and more concrete is getting exposed as the architectural vision mixes raw and bare with modern and sleek designs. We were excited for Fanshawe College to have us be part of this project. 

Mar 2020

Contractor: D. Grant Construction Limited London

Subcontractor: H.D Painting Contractors Ltd. Aylmer

Southside Pool Woodstock

The Southside Aquatic Centre that has been part of our memories when we were a child made this a special opportunity. Working with the Scott Hodges to refinish this state of the arc indoor city pool. There was some issues of fading and failing paint caused from improper applications being that it was refinished in 2017. Southside Aquatic Centre needed it done well this time to avoid the same issues as they had in the past. Using a good blast prep on the concrete and a 2k epoxy system to ensure long life to this amazing pool.  

April 2021

Client: City of Woodstock

Contractor: Grant Hodges & Son Painters Woodstock 

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer 

Realestate building Woodstock

The client was searching for ways to clean off the bricks of that stain it had and nothing seemed possible, everything was tried... unit Pdblasting was called. In a couple days the whole building was like new with bright yellow bricks. The best option after is to have the bricks coated and sealed with a breathable sealer to maintain this fresh look and appeal. 

Feb 2022

Client: Realestate Client

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer 


Loading Ramps London

Steel just corrodes and paint fails with time especially if highly exposed to road salt. This is what the maintenance team at London Police noticed as well so they called Pdblasting to manage a few of their docks which needed it. The outcome was perfect and with an epoxy primer this will last many more years to come

Sept 2021

Client: London Police Service

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer 


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