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Luxury House

Our Residential Projects

Working around your home and you see some things that need a facelift or refresh, let us help you with that. The jobs below present just a few that we have caputured on picture but that we remain doing all the time. 

Backyard Pool Simcoe

Chris contacted us in July about some cracking in his pool and needed it redone to avoid farther damage. This pool was done in 2010 and after 11 years it was showing some age. In a weeks time the Pdblasting team blasted and coated the surface of the pool. Some minor repairs were needed which were repaired. Chris will be looking at a full 10-15 years with this new coating. 

Sept 2021

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer


Staircase & Railing London

A kind couple called Pdblasting to help with their backyard stairs and belcony railing. It was taking on some rust and really needed a new coat to protect it from farther decay. Pdblasting came in one day to blast and the next to prime and paint. Our new friends were delighted to have their building improve that much from just cleaning up the steel stairs/railings.

July 2019

Contractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer


Fire Restoration Tilsonburg

Unfortunately this house had incurred a basement fire and the insuranced deemed it a fire damage home. ProCon called Pdblasting in for the blasting and sealing with a shellac-based sealer. Most wood was saved and just needed the soda blast clean and the sealant. 

Nov 2022

Client: The Co-operators General Insurance Company Mississauga

Contractor: ProCon Builders London

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer

Damp Proofing in London

With some changes being done in this property, this exposed foundation wall needed to be cleaned removing the waterproofing. PdBlasting came in there quick and did it within the week from the call to service. 

Mar 2022

Contractor: Sommer Bros. Construction LTD Dungannon

Subcontractor: Pd Blasting Ltd. Aylmer

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