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Powder Coating Service

Powdercoating is one of the best ways to protect a surface from longterm environmental exposures. Servicing all industries including personal items, we are here to help you with all your powdercoating needs.

How we Coat

Commercial  |  Residential  |  Industrial

It is out priority to serve you in all your coating needs but in the finished manner. Thats why we work with the best powdercoating companies to get the items coated, this ensures the quality of outcome is as high as it can be. We unite our blasting services with the powdercoating to provide both in one stop to all our clients. We believe it to be very important to supply our clients with the best customer service possible, and we look forward to serving you!

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Color Options

We have access to over 6,000 colors and many textures including candy, matellic, high, medium and low gloss. The options are next to endless when you are looking for colors. 

Staircase and Railing

A client needed his stair framing and railing to be coated with a satin black finish before getting it installed. We are excited to provide both the blasting and the powdercoating in one stop. Depending on workload, this one was a week turnaround. 

Victoria Hospital London

Working with Culliton Inc. in Stratford to renew various items in and around the Vistoria hosiptal building. Color matching was a big part in these proceedures to ensure the same coating color was being applied. 

Residential Railing

Failing paint and corrosion seems to continually come around with time. To ensure a long life of the steel railing, our client from London called us out to help with his second floor railing. Our Pdblasting team came to his house and picked up the railings and dropped it off a week later with a solid and strong white coating. 

Afghanistan War Memorial Statue City Of Woodstock

We are profoundly grateful to be part of this project, giving back to the city and especially in this area that represent so much to us all in the community. The city of Woodstock asked us to contract the complete project from start to finish. Removing the fencing around the memorial, repairing certain sections including adding some, and returning it after it was blasted and powdercoated. We are proud to have been part of this project for the City of Woodstock. 


Industrial Tanks




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